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Dan Talent Group Testimonials

My name is Merary Funez, I'm 17 years old. I have been with Dan Talent group for a year now. Thanks to god, my family and them I have had the opportunity to do what I love which is Modeling and acting. Thanks to their workshops I have had the opportunity to learn how to act for the camera, how to do monologues, modeling and more. They are one of the best in the field. I recommend anyone to work with them if their dream is to be a model, actress, dancer or singer.

My name is Mikayla Willis. I have been with Dan Talent Group since August of 2013 and what an awesome 8 months it has been! 
It all started when Dan Talent was having an open call for new talent. I have always thought that it would be cool to be a model and actor but I never thought that dream could become a reality. When I went to the open call at Dan, I knew that Dan was where I needed to be. What a wonderful surprise when they wanted to sign me! After being signed, I had my first photo shoot which was so much fun! Throughout the next few weeks I took many classes and learned so much about the business. I also participated in the Back to School fashion show in September. I was thrilled and so fortunate to be selected to go to the Talent Inc. Spring showcase in Orlando. The exposure and experience I gained from not only the classes I took in preparation for it, but at the conference itself, was invaluable! I have learned and experienced so much and I have the wonderful people at Dan Talent to thank for it! I wouldn't trade this experience for anything and I am so blessed to be apart of the Dan Talent family! :)

We started with the Dan Talent Group in July of 2013. Both my daughter, Sammy and myself have had an amazing and positive experience. As parents, we are hopeful and skeptical since this was our first experience and had no idea about the industry or what to expect. We met Sherry for the first time and we knew Susan and they both welcomed us with open arms and hugs from day one. Sammy has been introduced to acting and modeling and has had over 250 hours of hands on fantastic training. Being introduced to do local work to get resume credits was another strong attribute and reason to choose Dan Talent Group. They treat you like family and Sherry treats our children like one of her own. She is positive and she teaches and pushes them to do their best. We were blessed to be introduced to both Gray Studios and Talent Inc. Sammy just performed in Orlando and had a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend this agency to everyone and have already. They are the real deal and you will be well prepared and exposed to so many opportunities. A big hug and big thank for making this business less scary and more exciting. Best experience ever, 5 stars out of 5 stars!!
-Noell Bulka

A little over a year ago my daughter Logan was at the local grocery store when Sherry Rhine approached her and gave her her business card. I eventually contacted Sherry and am so pleased that I did. The DAN Agency has done so much to build Logan's level of confidence and self-esteem. This past fall she was in a national magazine and I can tell that that has made her more sure of herself. She is no longer shy or in the background. She is outgoing, outspoken, and very proud of the way she looks, especially since she doesn't look like too many people around. So thank you DAN Agency and all of your wonderful employees for being there for Logan and her family during this wonderful journey.
-Mrs. Eggleston

This was Kate's second time to attend the Talent Inc.Showcase in
Orlando. She was so much better prepared this year thanks to Sherry and
Stephanie and the other coaches who worked with her in the weekend
workshops. Kate felt much more confident and relaxed this year. She
and I both made new friends and learned so much. Kate's favorite
part of the showcase was watching all the other amazing talent. 
Thank you for supporting her! 
-Amy McAfee

Ryder and I would like to thank Dan Talent for being a part of helping Ryder hone his love for all things acting, singing, and dancing. When we joined Dan Talent about two years ago, it was with a little apprehension as we were uncertain about what we were really getting ourselves into. However, I was determined to support Ryder and stand behind his decision to take his love for entertainment to the next level.  With the support and encouragement of everyone at Dan Talent, Ryder has been able to get help developing and grow his talent through classes and meetings.  Dan Talent has also been instrumental in opening up opportunities that would not otherwise be available for him. Because of Dan Talent, Ryder has been able to audition for both local and national campaigns, as well as be cast in a commercial, headline and sing for local shows, and also be a Master of Ceremonies.  While Ryder is always on the upward path towards improving his craft, sharpening his skills, and practicing and refining his talent, we know that Dan Talent was and continues to be one of the key components that helped him realize that with his determination and drive coupled with the collaboration, partnership, and teamwork of an agency like Dan Talent, anything is possible.

My name is Phoebe Tulloss, I'm 15 years old, and I've been with DAN Talent for 3 years. I love everyone at DAN! Suzan, Cyndi, Sherry, and Stephanie have helped me so much! I've taken acting and modeling classes there and learned a lot about the business too. Since I've been with DAN, I've practiced a lot and worked hard, but it has totally paid off. I've done 2 commercials with speaking parts that aired nationally on CMT during the summer, and I did a national print ad for Kirkland's Home Store that ran last November & December as a part of their Christmas campaign. I had such a blast on both sets, and it was so cool for my family and friends who live all over the country to see me in action! I've also done several fashion shows, but the one at the Southern Women's Show each year is the most exciting, because you have to change clothes 4 times and you only have about 90 seconds per outfit to do it! It's a challenge, but everyone at DAN pulls together and does a great job! I've also attended Talent Inc. in Orlando, and I got 5 callbacks! I've already visited one of the agents in New York City to talk about coming there to work this summer. And I'm really thrilled to begin classes with Gray Studios of Los Angeles starting in April! I'm so thankful for all of the many opportunities DAN has given me! It's been an awesome 3 years with DAN and a dream come true for me! 

I have only been with Dan Talent for approx. two months, although my experience may be short, it has been great! The day Ms. Sherry called my mom for me to come in for an interview/audtion, I was more nervous than I’d ever been before, and I’ve stood in front of large crowds many times before giving speeches.

Once I arrived, Ms. Sherry greeted us with a big warm smile and introduced us to Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Jennifer. They were all so nice, friendly, and welcoming, it was nothing like I had heard or read about. They were great with me while I auditioned, giving me many compliments and smiling the entire time. They looked past my nerves, and saw the real me. I, on the other hand, was still so nervous that when Ms. Stephanie asked me what my goals were, I couldn’t even comprehend what she was asking me. My brain went so blank, all I could say was “I want to experience new fun things”….Who says that for a goal? Now I can think of everything I could have said.

Since that audition, my confidence has soared and I haven’t allowed my nerves to get in the way again. I have since booked an extra role in the Mockingjay film and hope to book many more things in the future. Ms. Sherry has been very helpful, supportive, and patient with my mom, answering all of her many questions (knowing her, there’s probably been many). My mom says Ms. Sherry has become more than just my agent, she’s been a kind friend to her as well!
Thank you Dan Talent for taking a chance on me, I will forever be grateful! I look forward to building a great future with you!


Kaitlynn Stone

Kinsley had a great time at Talent Inc, in Florida, I want to thank everyone at Dan Talent for helping her prepare for the experience from classes to wardrobe changes.  Dan Talent gave her the confidence and knowledge she needed to talk to all the agents that were there, Dan Talent has always been extremely helpful and has offered great advise and guidance. 

Thank you for all that you do,

Stevie and Kinsley Gross

My daughter has been working with Talent Agency's since was six years old. Until Dan Talent Agency came into her life I was constantly rethinking the whole idea of her following her dreams. It was by accident that Dan Talent came across Sabrina and they contacted us. I though great another Agent just looking for pay in hopes to send her for an audition. I listened to Sherry and heard her out.  I could tell over the phone she genuinely liked my daughter's photo she had in hand and I could tell she really liked her job. I figured it wouldn't hurt to meet with her. As soon as we meet my daughter fell in love with her and the agency. They care. You are not just another face for them to sell. You are treated like family always. I completely trust them with my daughter's  career and if you have been doing this at all you can understand you do not trust just anyone to handle your child's career. Thank you Stephanie and Sherry for being the best that you can be. We truly love you.
Angie Angel ,
Sabrina Angel

My name is Tonya Bosley. In September of 2012, I introduced my son Xavier Harris to Sherry Rhine of Dan Talent agency. I literally had to PULL him out of the car, drag him across the parking lot and PUSH him through the door of the agency. The experience of just getting him into the building was exasperating to say the least.  
 Sherry and I chatted and all the while Xavier sat there buried in his phone, trying desperately to ignore us and the conversation at hand. He was trying to let me know in NO uncertain terms that THIS for him was a horrid idea. Throughout the ENTIRE meeting...Sherry was steady, encouraging and calming. She explained to my son that he was being presented with an opportunity to grow and have more confidence. He greeted her wisdom with the usual teenage scoff! At this point I was ready to look for a decent orphanage to check him in to! Well...not really...but the thought crossed my mind because his behavior was embarrassing. Sherry told him of her journey and he seemed to perk up. She then stepped out of the room and allowed us to "discuss" the matter...i.e....me "strong-arming" him into it! 
Reluctantly he agreed. This began our Talent Inc journey. At first, Xavier flat out refused to participate. Sherry and the staff began working with him in training sessions and he actually began to have FUN! The more fun he had, the more he began to be encouraged and began to open up. After a few months, Sherry suggested that Xavier go to the Talent Inc conference in Orlando. Xavier was still apprehensive, but he agreed. Over the next few weeks, he worked really hard and had waaaayy more fun than he anticipated. Not to mention he met some new friends who greatly encouraged him. 
We made it to Orlando and he entered in the categories Sherry suggested. I was nervous because he is a proven class clown and I assumed that he had been going to all of the training sessions goofing off.
As he did each of his categories, he improved more and more. I was able to actually SEE the hard work and dedication HE put into his work! I thanked Sherry profusely and she waved that away saying that it was all HIS work that paid off! I am SO proud of my 16 year old!! I've seen the maturity within him that Talent Inc has cultured. He learned social skills, time-management, as well as garnered courage and self-reliance.
We returned to Nashville and he is excited about working with Grays Studios to learn more about the craft of acting and his ability. His rigid reluctance has turned into genuine enthusiasm! For THAT and the fact that he has gained confidence..not in his looks..but in his ability has made me SO thankful and appreciative of the Dan Talent team.

Sherry Rhine and Stephanie Williams....thank you!!! your team ROCKS!!
peace and blessings....
Tonya Bosley

My name is Allie Murphy. I am 6 years old. I have been been with Dan Talent Group for one year. I am currently in the process of doing my first fashion show at the Southern Women Show in Nashville next week. I am so excited and can't wait for more opportunities to represent your company.

I had a wonderful time at Talent Inc in FL!  I learned so much from all of the agents that came to the showcase.  It was so cool to be able to talk with them one on one.  It’s not everyday you get to meet top agents in the industry.  The entire vibe of the showcase was nothing short of amazing and overwhelmingly positive.  Dan Talent helped prepare me for the event with informative classes.  I received great advice on my acting runway, photography, and dancing skills.  The entire team at Dan is quite supportive and always working hard to help their talent.  I’m very proud of myself for winning the Overall Classic Model Award at the Talent Inc Showcase and Dan Talent Group definitely helped me grow.  A few words to describe Dan Talent and Talent Inc are: positive, encouraging, informative, FUN!!!, new friends, helpful feedback, hard working, smiles, wonderful, kindness, awesomeness, shine, amazing opportunities, team, fulfilling, happiness, true, and quite rad.

-Stephanie V.

Sometimes fulfilling your dreams and aspirations means being a part of helping others to fulfill their dreams. In the end, we rise or fall together. Dan Talent Group does exactly that!
As a family, Dan Talent Group shows that we all do so good at our jobs as agents, and talent. I came to this agency knowing close to nothing about the industry, to the point where I was shaking violently as I did my initial audition.
Well, that part of me is completely gone! Dan Talent Group has built me as well as every other talent involved to advance in all aspects of the industry to our full potentials. They have taken  the hours and hours of time an patience to accommodate each and every person to feel prepared and confident in all things!
Together, we recreate each other, and it shows! Not only are our mentors helpful but our talent peers as well. At our Talent Inc convention in Orlando Florida, I was beyond impressed with our Dan Talent family. Each of us have grown from seeds under the ground into rising blossoms! Not only are we great at what we do! But we have a blast!!! The perfect combination.
Thank you Dan Talent for helping me being the best that I can be. I cannot thank you enough for all of your support and exposing me to so many great opportunities!  - Jenny G.

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DAN Talent Group is back to blogging!  March has definitely been Madness at the agency! Bookings for everything from a set of triplets to a senior citizen acting out a heart attack in a scene for a commercial! From fashion callbacks to movie of the week call backs! From Nashville to Orlando, talent are auditioning and perform their hearts out and we couldn't be more proud of the amazing and talent models and actors we represent! #dantalentrock


Check us out!

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Your best "Clean Face" and Natural Plump Lips!

Christmas @ The Model Bar: Rodan+Fields Soothe facials 4 Talent


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Friday, September 9, 2011

DAN Editorials in July and August

Green Hill Mall Special Advertising for Nordstroms.
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Priya Mani Photographer:
Chuck Arlund Makeup: Kristina Arlund
Hair: Renae Morton, Lucypop Salon
Models: Anna Marangelli, Sammi Moore and Cory Allen all with Dan Talent Group
Participating stores: Bachrach, Cache, Cole Haan, Free People, Gus Mayer, Judith Bright, David Yurman, 7 For All Mankind, Tiffany & Co., True Religion Brand Jeans, White House/Black Market, and Restoration Hardware

Williamson Social Magazine, "Fashionista" by Stephanie Beck Williams

Photographer: Ash Wright
Hair & Make-up: Jane Ellen
Wardrobe: Gina Boutique. Friedman's Army Surplus!